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You cannot make progress without making a decision!

  • Moving forward requires ACTION!!

  • ACTION starts with a decision that you refuse to stay where you are!

Let’s take that first step into ACTION


Independent Optavia Coach


I love serving others as an educator for the past 27 years, as a coach for the past 30 years and as a health coach since 2021. My passion is to see others reach their full potential whether it be in the classroom on the field or court or in their own kitchen and health.


As a former high school and college athlete I knew what “working out” looked like, but unfortunately I did not fuel my body right to maintain my health once I was no longer an athlete. I learned that I could not work my way out of a bad diet. I had tried numerous plans and programs to get the quick fix, but nothing stuck with me. Until I saw a friend share her story about her health journey.


I found an amazing program that includes:

-a personal health coach

-an inclusive online community of support

-access to and education system that will tech you how to create habits of health

-a SIMPLE customized nutrition plan


I would love to share ALL of my story with you! Click on the link below to connect with me.

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