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About the Mobile Lifting Station

The Mobile Lifting Station can be ordered in two flavors: A Single Axle unit or a Double Axle unit.

The amenities featured in both units are the same. The only difference is the amount of weight and number of users that the unit can benefit simultaneously. 

The Mobile Lifting station can accommodate several users simultaneously in a space less than 2 traditional parking spots. As shown in the video above, the mobile lifting station tows easily behind most vehicles and navigates easily through parking lots or busy areas so you can easily show up, set up, and get lifting with minimal hassle. 

Interested in purchasing a Mobile Lifting Station? Please contact Coach Jayson K Hayes. 

Mobil Lifting Station-side.jpg
Mobil Lifting Station-top.jpg

Single Axle Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 14 ft 6 in

  • Transport Width: 7 ft 8 in

  • Transport Height: 7 ft 10 in

  • Deployed Length: 16 ft 0 in

  • Deployed Width: 10 ft 10 in

Schedule & Booking Coming Soon

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